July 2nd is known to bring a lot of attention to the UFO phenomenon. It isn’t strange that the UFO sightings jump up on that day! Here are a collection of reports, about UFOs spotted on World UFO Day, made on July 2nd 2013.

Taking the trash to the street when I noticed a bright red light in the sky. Under path for LAX and thought this was a plane on right base turn to the airport. I stood to observe it and noticed that it didnt move. I kept watching and waiting for some action however, it stayed motionless. There were a few light clouds and it seemed to be shining through them.
I didnt notice any anti-collision lights so I knew it couldnt have been a helicopter and the fact that it wasnt moving convinced me it wasnt the ISS flying over head (which is the brightness I would describe it).
I went and got my binoculars and as I watched it for several seconds more, it slowly began to dim until if finally vanished.
Moments later, some friends of mine several miles away called and asked if there was a supernova in the sky and described it the way I saw it also.

A friend and I were in my driveway talking and stargazing when I saw a very bright white light pulse twice about 1 second apart very high up in the sky, I immediately knew it was not a comet or plane or anything else familiar. I told my friend about it then we both looked in the direction of the sighting and we both saw that it pulsated again after about 15 seconds a few degrees north from the first sighting. I was surprised but I was not shocked as I am very well informed on the subject of extra-terrestrials and this is not my first sighting. It did not reappear after that sighting and there was nothing near that couldve blocked the view of it, later that night, about an hour later we also saw a much smaller and much less intense blue star-like object moving very fast very high up in the sky heading south-west then disappear. Also I should note that a while later a friend on Facebook posted a status stating that he saw the same pulses of light at the same time and area

||> ~1104MST Saw two aircraft creating zigzag pattern in the sky with their contrail/exhaust.
When I was observing the crossing flight pattern I drew notice to a rod shaped/aligned light sources/orbs floating against the contrail wake from the two jets.

||> ~1114MST  Orbs continued in aligned rod shape and drifted towards north along the contrail wake. Orbs had appearance of being ‘on-top’ of clouds drifting into the distance. Orbs were present on dramatic/brilliant ‘blue earth’ background for a period of time and images were captured.

||> ~1130MSTOrbs continued in aligned rod shape and drifted towards west/southwest for a period of time. Orbs maintained rod shape/alignment and drifted from time to time on top section (1st 2 Orbs) to the left and right of the below two orbs. Orbs quickly aligned back to Rod shape anytime they drifted too far from one another.

||> ~1250MST Observed Orbs in WNW sky from 1130MST until ~1250MST when the Orbs faded into way far west distance.

I observed the orbs for a aprox 1 hour 45 minutes. I have lived in/around military bases my entire life and accustomed to normal aviation lighting, etc.. I admit I also felt a strange feeling/presence during the time I was observing the orbs/lights…

I was riding in my friends car. We were on SR 165 just north of SR 62 traveling north. I had been looking out my window to the east as we were talking when 2 bright red lights appeared. I watched them for several seconds, they remained in the same place with a bright steady glow. I told my friend to look at these lights. She stopped the car and leaned down to see them. We discussed how they werent moving and just stayed on at a steady glow. We started to drive up the road 1/4 mile to get off the road to watch them more. I told her that one was starting to fade ( the northern one). She was looking and could not see it. I then said the other one just disappeared. She stopped the car and jumped out and looked for several minutes but we could not locate them. It was still and cloudless, we heard nothing. My window was down when I first saw them and still no noise. She was a little shaken and I kept going over what we had just seen, checked the time, and kept checking the sky. I drove back to the same location after 10 minutes and saw nothing. It was bizarre how they appeared then disappeared just as quickly. When I first noticed them, I thought they could be airplanes, but the lights never flashed and they were much brighter then a plane.

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