From the MUFON database

Reported: 2012-12-24 | Date of event: 2012-12-24
Location: Florida, South Pasadena
Type: Bright colored orange lights

I was enjoying the evening with my family when I looked out my window that faces East, I looked up and saw a very brightly colored orange glowing object about 500 ft above the ground. It was coming from the NorthEast towards the South. It continued on at a rapid rate of speed and seemed to have vanished into the clouds. Not 5 minutes later, a family member of mine was watching out the South facing window of my home and said the lights were back, but there were 2 this time. The lights were headed West this time. I Was nervous yet elated to see these lights. Honestly, we thought that they might be chinese lanterns and figured it is way too cold out and followed too straight of a pattern and traveled too quickly (without wind). Then, we told the little ones it was Rudolph so they would go to sleep! But, seriously there are three adults who witnessed these lights and found them to be odd and controlled.