By our reporter, December 12, 2012

In the evening of November 12 around 20.00, an oval UFO was observed in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This testimony has been sent in to the World UFO Day website. The Netherlands is a small country in Europe with a dense population of 16 million people.

The young lady describes the situation at the time of the sighting:

I’m from Holland and I think I saw a UFO on thursday the 21th of November. It was about 7 o’ clock p.m.

I was training with my soccerteam and suddenly when I looked up I saw this oval-shaped object, pretty big (bigger than an aeroplane in the sky) and it moved in a horizontal line above us. It had lights and hardly made noise.

The witness continues to tell how he interpreted the situation:

It was visible for a couple of seconds and the first thing that came in mind was: “THAT WAS A UFO” Even my friend said “look, a UFO!”, although she was joking.. I was impressed about it, an aeroplane is simple to recognize, but I’m so sure this wasn’t an aeroplane.. It looked so strange! I hope I informed you enough about my experience with a possible UFO..!

World UFO Day tries to give you the most objective view on the situation as they happened. We advise the reader to take into consideration that these cases are personal reports and need to be investigated to exclude the possibility of being identified objects.