I heard if you filmed the sun you could/would film a UFO. So I did, and got a fast moving object that I only saw it when reviewing my video recording. When I first reviewed the footage I saw a quick black blip on the screen and knew it was something that I could not identify without further investigation. So, I slowed it down and looked. There are three frames. The first two show something orb-like in shape. The third frame, closest to the sun, shows a reflection and maybe even a shadow from the saucer part (thus I am inclined to say it was a saucer with a dome, kinda like a hat).During the sighting I was skeptical that I would actually film something since I was intentionally trying to debunk a claim that I would see something if I filmed the Sun. After I saw the footage I was very intrigued and excited. I did not even see it with the naked eye.