Over the last couple of days, more and more internet sites have reported that Japan’s Nippon television was

The UFO as presented by the media and found on Google.

covering a story of how a unidentified flying object crashed off the coast of Okinawa and that officials had showed a photograph of the unidentified flying object.

This is either a tremendous story or one more example of how stories of this sort usually get overblown. In fact, this comes beneath the class of “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

As rumored by inothernewz.com, and picked up by different media sources, the unidentified flying object was seen by a lot of news crews, police and emergency vehicles as it sunk within the water close to the islands south of Japan on Dec. 4.

That’s lots of potential eyewitnesses. The photo, above, was reportedly released by the japanese navy. A navy spokesman, Yoshido Hari, has been quoted speaking about, “We needed to unleash this picture to the world and confirm the reports. This image can provide credence to what a number of our inhabitants living in Okinawa witnessed … we clearly still have several days of salvaging before us, however we are going to take our time and take the craft up in one piece. we should preserve the object as much as possible.”

That’s a mouthful, if it’s true. however this story falls apart on many levels, as ghosttheory.com additionally points out.

First, the shadow that reportedly crashed off Okinawa is suspiciously a dead ringer for a Google Earth image, below, that was one in every of several shown by HuffPost months past to be nothing quite lens flares.

Next, whereas many websites have rumored that Nippon TV spoke about a unidentified flying object went down off the coast of Okinawa, an easy search of the Nippon TV website — exploitation the word “UFO” — shows no results of any recent item about a ufo.

Next, an easy Google search of “pink ufos” brings up varied examples — together with the alleged Okinawa ufo — of camera lens artifacts that are not even solid objects.

If the japanese navy had, in fact, released an official picture of a ufo that crashed into the ocean close to Okinawa, where precisely is that photo? as a result of the image that is shown up in most stories regarding the “event” is clearly not the thing in question.

It’s not familiar how or where this story even began, however the unidentified flying object field is already involved in enough bad stories with bad pictures and bad videos. It does not want any longer|to any extent further} to drag the believability of the topic further down, much to the delight of debunkers all over.