Reported on:  2013-02-18 Date of event: 2013-02-17
Location: Ocean Beach Clairmont in California
Type: Blue/red light UFO

I saw a blueish light slowly gliding across the sky that didnt seem very normal to me so i kept watching it and it would change to red every once in awhile then change back blue randomly. I didn’t notice patterns. it would slow down and speed up instantly and then hover and fly up and down, after that a helicopter flew right by it and it crazily started swooping back and forth in a V like pattern towards a blinking radio tower i think then quickly sunk low into the mountain and vanished. Shortly after the helicopter was gone it came back and kept flying back and forth around this tower like its attracted to it but will stop get close to it speed off come back. The object even completely disappeared at moments then re-appeared in a different spot. I witnessed the UFO go up and down and disapear several times but with in 5 minutes it kept coming back.


I was in my back yard in ocean beach San Diego looking at the north-east of Seaworld on the mountain side. I noticed the UFO first because it was a bright light unlike one i’ve ever seen in the skys at nighttime. I instantly thought it was a UFO but a friend who did not witness it said it could have been a remote controlled airplane. It made clear patterns and I’m still very skeptical it could have been a remote controlled plane and it would randomly change back and forth with different colors and would disappear for 5 secs at a time here and there I don’t know why you want the lights to disapear in the dark sky..Even the size of the light, if it was a remote controlled toy, would have been much smaller compared to lights on vehicles and aircrafts at a closer distance being smaller. It would sink into the mountain side go behind a tree and I don’t know after that but i would keep watching the blinking tower and it came back 4 time at least as I’m writing this it’s still flying. I have tried to film it but at the distance it doesnt show up. i can’t even see the blinking tower in the video..

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