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UFO Joins Protesters in Brazil

In 2013 several Brazilian cities were the stage of protesters. This video was taken by one of the protesters in Brazil present. The people are taking a stand against the increase of the public transportation fees. Thousands of people went to the streets to show protest in a peaceful way. Around June 30, this UFO showed up in the skies, seen by thousands of protesters. The question is if this could be of alien origin, or could it be a drone.

Many people would hope it was of ET origin, stories go that these protesters are shown this way that they are on the right path with their peaceful intent. This comes as a blessing because many protesters in Brazil were in doubt that they are in fact doing the right thing. This is because a small group of criminals and hooligans took the liberty of using the protests as an excuse to destroy public buildings and facilities.

The other side of the story is that it could be a drone spying on their people. The Brazilian government denies this fact in their official statements.

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