The Roswell UFO incident – Recent findings

Perhaps one of the greatest unexplained mysteries and most famous UFO incidents in the entire world has to be the Roswell incident. There has been growing interest and many different novels produced on a crash that happened in mid-1947 near Roswell New Mexico.

Residents of Chaves county New Mexico near to Roswell noticed and gave reports of an unidentified flying object in the skies above a quiet area. Local newspapers and several residents suggested that the unidentified flying object could have been an extraterrestrial spaceship. Shortly after the object was seen it crashed in the desert and was quickly captured by Air Force surveillance officials. There was a huge interest in the crash initially and the Air Force reported that the crash was merely a weather balloon which unfortunately came down at a ranch near Roswell New Mexico. While the military released that it was nothing but a conventional weather balloon there were many conspiracy theories that suggested the UFO could have been extraterrestrial in nature. These reports even made their way to the local paper on July 8 in 1947 suggesting that the RAAF had captured a flying saucer near Roswell.

None of these reports were proven of course any interest in the accounts generally tapered off throughout the years. This was until the discipline of UFOlogy was born. In the 1970s ufologists begin creating a number of different conspiracy theories that suggested that the military could potentially covered up the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle. It wasn’t until the 1990s when the US military was able to finally publish the documents around the project Mogul Balloon. Although the military evidence is quite substantial in details the nature of the weather balloon and its crash, conspiracy theories still continue to persist even after the documents have been published.

Roswell stands is currently the most thoroughly investigated UFO claim even though it’s widely been debunked as the crash of a mere weather balloon. The area surrounding Roswell today even has plenty of evidence of the crash including plenty of tourist traps where you can get your picture taken with aliens, buy merchandise and hear more about the history of the UFO.

The reason the RAAF had to conceal the project report on project Mogul was due to its true mission. Project Mogul was a weather balloon that was designed to monitor for nuclear tests. The idea of this bulletin was to see if anyone else in the world was currently testing nuclear devices and it was simply easier for the Air Force to entertain conspiracy theories rather than give away the true nature during such a volatile time in history. The RAAF even held a press conference featuring some of the debris of the weather balloon which included rubber, foil, wood and other earth made objects. As soon as people saw the wreckage firsthand they understood that the Roswell incident was most likely a man-made craft.

Even though it was so widely disproven there are still a number of believers around the world that suggests that the truth about Roswell was concealed in government conspiracy. There are currently about six distinct conspiracy theories about the UFO at Roswell and each with their own unique research and evidence behind them. Although the most tangible evidence comes from the perspective of the RAAF there have been a number of firsthand accounts, research reports made as well as research revealing the presence of alien autopsies carried out at a Roswell base.

As far as the relation of alien autopsies in the UFO crash at Roswell, most of these stem from a story that emanated from Glenn Dennis who suggested that autopsies were carried out at a Roswell base and that he and others had received threats for coming forward about them. Ultimately there aren’t any credible witnesses as to what happened at the Roswell base and any of the film footage from the autopsy process has also been proven as a hoax as well.

A film which was released in 1995 showed an alien autopsy that had claimed to have been taken by a US military official. It took up until 2006 for the film to be disproven as a fictionalized nation and the reconstruction. The film was created by Ray Santilli was a London-based video entrepreneur.

Theories about Roswell tend to get even more in depth including the creation of a high-tech military base, area 51, the existence of a specific type of alien that was in the crash and more. One can cover lots of different “facts” regarding Roswell but ultimately much of the data from that period of a governmental nature is still kept classified.

There is still some political interest in the event and people interested in the investigation. Perhaps one of the best examples of a move to declassify the information was in 2007 when Bill Richardson asked about releasing government files on Roswell and received a response suggesting that the information would remain classified. The Department of Defense and Los Alamos labs will remain on keeping this information classified as long as possible as well and no other elected official has been able to achieve the de-classification of the material. It seems as though the weather balloon evidence is the only evidence that ufologists and the general public will have to go on for the Roswell incident.


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