Space Cupcakes

The kids are going to love these space cupcakes which are much easier to make then you may think. Ready to roll modelling paste and a steady hand, turn your cupcakes into out of this world masterpieces! Also check out our Kids Party Page.


  • A Deep muffin pan
  • 12 white baking cases
  • Rolling pin
  • Drying sponge
  • 65, 30, 13, 6mm circle cutters for rocket
  • A Sharp knife
  • Double ended ball tool for the moon
  • Water brush for sticking
  • Various sized star cutters
  • A Drying sponge

Step 1
Make a batch of our basic cupcakes. Leave to cool and top with our basic buttercream.
Step 2
These toppers can be made well in advance but they will need at least one night to dry. Mix the navy paste with the white making sure you don’t over mix so you get the nice white streaks. Roll and cut 12 x 65mm circles and place them onto a drying sponge.
Step 3
For the rocket, roll the green paste and cut a 55mm circle, then using the same cutter, cut sections away replacing the tip with red paste by using a sharp knife. Roll the red paste out and cut a 30mm circle, then cut it into quarters for the fins.
For the window, cut 2 13mm circle, removing the centre from one with the 6mm cutter. Stick one to the other with a brush of water.
For the engines, cut a thin strip and the 2 small triangles with the tops cut off and stick them to the bottom of the rocket. Assemble all the pieces onto the navy topper.
Step 4
Stick silver non-pareil around the window with a brush of water.
Step 5
For the flames, cut petal shapes, sticking onto each other graduating down to the yellow paste and roll over with the rolling pin, trim and stick to the bottom of the engines.
Step 6
For the moon cut 65mm circle cutting away a large part of the circle and sticking it onto the navy topper. Use the double ended ball tool to add texture and dust with pearlised lustre dust to give it a shine.
Step 7
For the galaxy topper, brush edible glue in a swirl in the centre and sprinkle with white sprinkles to the surface to stick. Add stars and different coloured sprinkles by dotting the glue and sticking them to the surface.
Step 8
Finally paint the grey parts on the rocket silver using silver lustre and white alcohol.
Step 9
Place the finished toppers onto the cupcakes.

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