Reported: 2012-12-02| Date of event: 2012-12-02
Location: Marina, California, US
Type: Red/orange light

 Driving eastward to our house returning from the grocery store thats just 4-5 blocks away. My husband was driving and we noticed through the windshield what I thought for a split second to be a very large star, but it was not only larger that a star, (approximately half the size of an aspirin when held at arm’s length) but also much brighter and of a reddish orange tint, the color of a candle flame.
It appeared to be moving as if to cross over the roof of our car (so moving west towards the ocean) but then changed direction south for a couple of seconds. I lost sight of it as it once again moved west and crossed over our car after we made a turn. I found again it in a very near 90 degree angle to our position. As I was staring at it trying to figure out any detail it seemed to ascend. Because of some slight wispy clouds (that gave the impression of the object moving through them), some small angular changes (that gave the impression it was not stationary) and also the fact of it growing smaller and eventually dimmer I believe it moved very far away into the atmosphere and did not merely extinguish. (This ascension took less than ten seconds)
Throughout the event the object was not close at all to us and I did not feel threatened in any way. My impression was that the object/light was as far of the ground as  a small aircraft, but not as high as the jets that we have frequenting the area. Of course I don’t know how big the object was so that information is purely subjective. It had no flashing safety lights of any color, the light it emanated was non-directional and did not appear to my eye to be electrical in nature.