On January 17, 1974, a remarkable UFO sighting occurred at Lake Nørre Sø in Viborg, Jutland, Denmark. The incident involved a local businessman named Mr. TM, who captured a photograph of an unidentified flying object that became known as the “jellyfish UFO.” The image depicted a discoid object enveloped in a peculiar cloud-like formation, resembling the ethereal creature of the sea. This sighting has attracted the attention of scientists and UFO enthusiasts alike, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the unexplained phenomena that continue to intrigue us.

The Sighting

Mr. TM was enjoying a leisurely Sunday morning walk with his dog when he suddenly noticed something unusual in the sky. About 500-1000 meters away, he observed a strange object veiled within a white “cloud.” Intrigued, he quickly reached for his trusty 35mm camera, which he habitually used to capture images of birds around the lake. Seizing the opportunity, Mr. TM snapped a photograph of the enigmatic sight, forever capturing the moment.

Investigation and Analysis

The incident caught the attention of Danish police officer K.K., who thoroughly investigated the sighting. Recognizing the significance of the photograph, K.K. sent the negatives to the Central Bureau for Colour Photography in Copenhagen. This branch of the police, responsible for assessing photographic evidence, was intrigued by the anomalous image. After careful analysis, experts estimated the size of the object or phenomenon to be 20 meters or more in diameter.

Scientific Interpretation

Scientists have attempted to explain the unique appearance of the “jellyfish UFO” observed over Lake Nørre Sø. According to some experts, the surface of the object appeared to be significantly colder than the surrounding air, causing the air molecules to condense into liquid form and form a mist-like cloud. This condensation effect, similar to a fog or mist, gave the impression of a jellyfish-like shape surrounding the UFO. Such a phenomenon remains intriguing and challenges our understanding of conventional atmospheric physics.

Declassified UFO Files

The significance of this sighting was further reinforced by its inclusion in the declassified UFO files of the Danish Air Force. In January 2009, the Danish Air Force published a comprehensive report on UFO sightings, including the incident at Lake Nørre Sø. The declassification of these files offered a glimpse into the government’s acknowledgment of such encounters and the extensive investigations conducted to analyze the unexplained aerial phenomena.


The UFO sighting at Lake Nørre Sø in Viborg, Denmark, on January 17, 1974, remains an intriguing event that continues to captivate the imagination of both skeptics and believers. The photograph taken by Mr. TM, depicting the “jellyfish UFO” engulfed in a cloud-like mist, adds weight to the account and has been subjected to scientific scrutiny. While explanations involving temperature differentials and condensation have been put forth, the incident remains shrouded in mystery, reminding us that there is much we have yet to comprehend about the vastness of our universe.