From the MUFON database
Reported: 2012-12-04| Date of event: 2012-12-03
Location: Semmes, Alabama, US
Type: Orange/red balls of light

First of, i was out looking for ufos i have seen before. I got strange objects on video. In our skies around here, its like the past two weeks we see them every night, and day. We have seen what looks like orange-red balls, and they are not weather balloons. One i have on video has a chemtrail coming out. It just moved across the sky in the day time. Last friday night we saw a very big ufo. It had four lights, one left, one spaced above it to the right, one in the middle at the bottom, and one behind it. They all were moving like a blimp, very slowly, across Schillingers by the train track. Then about what looked like 200 feet, they stopped. They went down slowly, then in a fast pace they all moved together and shot up. I dont have this one on video, but last night there were five of us moving west on Schillingers towards Airport blvd. At the first road on the right, just past the train track, we saw two UFOs like i saw last friday. I dont no what they are. They’re not planes, they did not move, i stopped my truck, got out and started video recording it. All i could see werethe lights, the one on the left had a red light that slowly moved from it to the left across the sky, until it was gone. We watched both ufos for about five minutes, then it was like they turned out the lights and they where gone. I could tell you more stories but i need to get it all on video. I am going back out tonight, something is going on around here…