Multicolored UFOs have been seen before, like this one in Tijuana 2012

By our reporter, November 27, 2012

In the night of 27 November, several multicolored UFOs were observed in Flushing. This testimony has been obtained from the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) database.

The man describes the situation at the time of the sighting:

My sister called and told me she had been outside with her dog and saw 4-5 very strange objects in the sky. She told me to go outside and look because whatever she saw was flying North . I went outside, and at first, I saw nothing but a very clear night sky. After about 1 minute, I saw the first object coming from the Southeast. A very bright, multi color (red/yellow/green/white) randomly flashing object (NOT like an airplane), which, at first, was flying on a more-or-less straight path, but then began “veering off” somewhat, then “veering off” to the other side, then resuming its original path! My sister was still on the phone, and I told her I only saw ONE object.  But she said to wait a couple of minutes, because she saw 4 or 5! Approximately 1 minute later, another object appeared from the South, and apparently this object must have been lower to the ground, because I could make out the shape of a triangle while the lights were flashing (same colors as the 1st object!) I waited an additional 2-3 minutes, but did not see any more, and the first 2 objects disappeared into the Western sky. It is a VERY clear night tonight with an almost Full Moon (tomorrow night)- so it was very clear to see!