Reported on:
2012-12-01| Date of event: 2012-11-28
Swansboro in Illinois, US
Type: Strange lights

My wife and I were going to Morehead city, and were looking together at the moon. As we went over the bridge we were leaving the town of Swansboro, I looked to the left to take another glance at the moon. At first I thought it was a tower or something like that, then I quickly realized that there’s never been anything there before, and to my knowledge no new buildings have gone up. After that we arrived at Cape Carteret, and we had been observing these lights for a few minutes now. As we moved closer to Cape Carteret, the object got bigger and bigger, like it was hovering over a forest area in the distance. We stopped at the drive-in of McDonalds to grab a burger, and maybe 10 minutes had gone by after we left. I looked around for the object and it was nowhere in sight. I’m not sure what it was I saw that moment, but it wasn’t an aircraft of any sort I have ever seen before. I’m an enlisted Marine corps, and i know there are two air stations in the area, so I’ve been exposed to several different kind of aircrafts in my lifetime, and I believe I would know if it was a conventional craft or not. I didn’t have a chance to get any sort of picture of it unfortunately, and my wife was eating her meal, but she saw it as well. I am not sure if anyone else saw it, but I think it’s a possibility. That is why I wanted to share my story.