By our reporters 30 June 2023

Remember that song by Phil Collins? “I can feel it, calling in the air tonight.” Well, it seems like there’s a similar sentiment in the air as we step into the year 2023. The UFO community has witnessed intriguing developments since December 21st, and contact has been made, not with aliens, but within our own planet. The perception of UFO believers has undergone a significant shift, with more people embracing a truth that has been present all along. As we reflect on the events of this year, the question on everyone’s lips is, “Is it finally time for the truth about UFOs to be revealed in 2023?” To shed light on this trend, we’ve compiled some compelling facts that set the stage for a potential breakthrough.

  1. A glimmer of hope under the current presidency

With the current President in office, there is renewed hope that their commitment to transparency and accountability in government will lead to greater openness regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Whistleblowers are ready to come forward with testimonies about various clandestine government activities, hoping for protection to unveil their secrets. This optimism has been building, and there is a growing belief that disclosure of extraterrestrial life may be on the horizon. While the current administration has not made any official statements or disclosures, the societal shift towards accepting the existence of extraterrestrial life is undeniable.

  1. Public receptiveness on the rise

A recent survey indicates that 36 percent of Americans, equivalent to around 80 million individuals, believe that UFOs are real. Furthermore, one in ten respondents claim to have personally witnessed a sighting of an alien spacecraft. When asked about a hypothetical alien invasion in the next four years, a majority of survey participants express confidence in the current President’s ability to handle the situation.

Regarding the question of whether aliens have visited Earth, a significant portion of surveyed Americans affirm their belief, while others remain uncertain or skeptical. A vast majority agree that there are signs indicating the possibility of extraterrestrial visitations, regardless of their personal stance on the matter.


The aforementioned factors present a compelling connection, offering hope for a long-awaited revelation. While we maintain a cautious approach and avoid building excessive expectations, the question remains: Could the time be ripe for the truth about UFOs to finally emerge in 2023? The signs are intriguing, and while we can’t predict the future with certainty, the topic of UFO disclosure continues to captivate our collective curiosity. As the current administration emphasizes transparency, we eagerly await further developments and the potential unveiling of the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.