Artist impression of the incident.

It was the morning of November 15th around 7:55 AM when a Colorado Rocky mountain hiker had the scare of his life. A huge vessel, as he describes it. We thank this witness to contact World UFO Day and share his story with us.

The man describes the circumstances at the time of the close encounter:

I had walked off the path I normally take and found a deserted valley with an open space. I sat down in the grass when I heard a loud bass sound. I was startled and looked around if there were any trucks nearby, but saw nothing. Then I looked up at the sky and my eyes couldn’t believe the huge object floating over above me. It had a bluish glow and hovered over me. I looked at the metal like coating. The bass noise disappeared and it was like there was nothing but silence around me. It was so close above me, it just about touched the treetops.

The witness continues to tell how he interpreted the situation:

I was scared at first, but as I observed the object, I felt a sort of calmness. I didn’t have to fear this huge object, like there is no use for an ant to fear a human being. It was out of my control, I decided to enjoy the view.

He describes that the UFO took off with leaving the surrounding with slight breeze. Unfortunately the man didn’t take a picture of the incident. More UFOs have been reported in Colorado these last weeks and we urge people to keep eyes open and cameras ready.