Unidentified flying objects are reported often. But, the recent sighting over Lake Odessa, the oddly name village on the shores of Jordan Lake, about 60 miles west of Lansing, Michigan, defies any earthly explanation.

A report was made to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) on November 3rd of a flaming ball coming towards the town from the northwest. The phenomenon published in The Canadian, was seen on November 1st, around seven in the evening by at least five people.

“My husband was coming home and saw the first object, which looked like a big red, yellow and blue flaming ball coming from the northwest,” said one witness.

Her husband added, “As I was driving through town I saw a man standing beside his car on Main Street, looking up at the object. I immediately called my wife and told her to look outside.”

“I saw a big red ring with a yellow pulsing cross in the centre right over my house. Then it arced to the south west over Jordan Lake and faded out. But,” she went on, “as I was going inside, I noticed a second one coming from the north east. I immediately called my daughter on the other side of town.”

The daughter ran outside just in time to see a big red light but soon trees blocked it from her sight. At about the same time the husband arrived home, and the couple were joined outside by her mother. What they saw got stranger and stranger. The red light began to fade, leaving a big grey circle still visible in the sky. “What was so strange,” the witness reported, “was that there was now a much smaller, solitary red light going around the outer edge of the grey circle. Where did that come from?”

This moving red light eventually stopped in one spot and the whole object, which was moving south over the lake, faded out altogether. The witnesses speculated that this could have been because the object flew into an area of cloud, but it did not reappear. There was no noise at all from either of the glowing balls, nor was there a sound from the grey circle.

One of the explanations frequently offered for sighting like this is a balloon of one sort or another. In this case, though, the witness agreed that the UFOs were traveling far too fast to have been balloons.