Reported: 2012-12-03| Date of event: 2012-12-01
Location: Alabama, US
Type: 8 bright yellow/orange orbs


At my house in Mobile AL watching the last minute of the SEC Championship. A friend had come over and I got up to let him in the house and said look at these strange lights. There was 8 bright yellow/orange slow moving orb like objects flying in a zig zag formation coming from the north east. These objects made no sound and moved about 2/3 slower than a normal airplane. As they come across the sky about 4 minutes from first seeing them the first one starts to go north and begins to get smaller and smaller and looks like a small star and then vanishing, then when the second one got to the same point where the first one ascended north, it did the same has the first and vanished. Then the third, fourth and so on. And right before the last one disappeared another one came from the north east in the same path as the others and had the same pattern. Then One more came after it and did the same thing as the ones before it. It was pretty surreal, I have never seen any object like those in my life. The objects also caught the eye of a couple a vehicles that was driving through the neighborhood, where they actually stopped the cars and got out and watched.