Reported: 2013-01-29

Monolith UFO

Monolith UFO, Artist impression

Date of event: 2013-01-10
Location: Bay Village, Ohio
Type: Monolith shaped UFO

Our witness begins by telling us about the situation that he was in when he first saw the light objects:

I was relaxed and driving in a northern direction when it happened. It was almost nighttime, a cloudy and misty day. The object was so obvious in the clouds. It was such a pronounced bright light, a very overwhelming sight to see. I thought: “Mother of god! What is that?” I gazed at it and was intrigued by the fact that it didn’t alterits position.

He continues by describing the object as he saw it:

The shape of the UFO was so peculiar, absolutely abnormal just sitting still in the clouds and shaped like a monolith or domino frame. The object was stationary and I would describe it as a very very fluid brilliant bright white light inside the domino shape and at the lower side of the object base corner. It looked as thought the light was seeping out the corner off of object and left like vapor trail sparks

The witness concludes the story with his reaction about seeing this object:

My reaction was of great interest and I tried to pull off road to observe the object while not driving. After seeing this I just went about my errand. I lost sight of the object by it simply vanishing, I did attend to see if it would come back into view for about five minutes but it did not reappear.