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Amazing UFO Ship Joins Protesters in Brazil

[framed_video column="full-width"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECIaACSCTsg[/framed_video] UFO Joins Protesters in Brazil In 2013 several Brazilian cities were the stage of protesters. This video was taken by one of the protesters in Brazil present. The people are taking a stand against the increase of the public transportation fees. Thousands of people went to the streets to show protest in a [...]

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List of UFOs spotted on World UFO Day

July 2nd is known to bring a lot of attention to the UFO phenomenon. It isn't strange that the UFO sightings jump up on that day! Here are a collection of reports, about UFOs spotted on World UFO Day, made on July 2nd 2013. Taking the trash to the street when I noticed [...]

UFO News: Blue/red UFO showing patterns at Ocean Beach Clairmont, California

Reported on:  2013-02-18 Date of event: 2013-02-17 Location: Ocean Beach Clairmont in California Type: Blue/red light UFO I saw a blueish light slowly gliding across the sky that didnt seem very normal to me so i kept watching it and it would change to red every once in awhile then change back blue [...]

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Close encounter – monolith UFO spotted in Bay Village, Ohio

Reported: 2013-01-29 Monolith UFO, Artist impression Date of event: 2013-01-10 Location: Bay Village, Ohio Type: Monolith shaped UFO Our witness begins by telling us about the situation that he was in when he first saw the light objects: I was relaxed and driving in a northern direction when it happened. It was almost [...]

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Strange UFO sightings over Illinois by Enlisted Marine

Reported on: 2012-12-01| Date of event: 2012-11-28 Location: Swansboro in Illinois, US Type: Strange lights My wife and I were going to Morehead city, and were looking together at the moon. As we went over the bridge we were leaving the town of Swansboro, I looked to the left to take another glance at the moon. [...]

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Red/Orange UFO seen in Marina, California

Reported: 2012-12-02| Date of event: 2012-12-02 Location: Marina, California, US Type: Red/orange light  Driving eastward to our house returning from the grocery store thats just 4-5 blocks away. My husband was driving and we noticed through the windshield what I thought for a split second to be a very large star, but it was not [...]

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Eight bright yellow orbs seen in Alabama

Reported: 2012-12-03| Date of event: 2012-12-01 Location: Alabama, US Type: 8 bright yellow/orange orbs   At my house in Mobile AL watching the last minute of the SEC Championship. A friend had come over and I got up to let him in the house and said look at these strange lights. There was 8 bright [...]

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Multiple UFO sightings in Semmes, Alabama

From the MUFON database Reported: 2012-12-04| Date of event: 2012-12-03 Location: Semmes, Alabama, US Type: Orange/red balls of light First of, i was out looking for ufos i have seen before. I got strange objects on video. In our skies around here, its like the past two weeks we see them every night, and day. [...]

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UFO sighting on Christmas eve Florida, Clermont

From the MUFON database Casenumber: # 44776 Reported: 2012-12-25 | Date of event: 2012-12-24 Location: Florida, Clermont Type:Orange-red lights It was Christmas Eve around 7 pm. Our daughter went out to get Vanilla ice cream to go with the apple pie. She took her grandmother with her. When she arrived back home, she came running [...]

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Fireball UFO sighted in Tulsa, Oklahoma

From the MUFON database Casenumber: # 44747 Reported: 2012-12-23 | Date of event: 2012-12-21 Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Type: Fireball objects We were in Tulsa, okalhoma. We were heading west down 31st street to go to our daughters house. I looked at some emergancy vehcles to the south. When i looked back in front of me [...]

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