Blue UFO

The star UFO Photographs

By our reporter, December 12, 2012

In the evening of December 12 around 20, blue star UFOs were observed in Phoenix, Arizona. USA. This testimony has been obtained from the MUFON database.

I was comparing the sky with what was on the computer as to what i was looking at, and I noticed “stars” in places that werent indicated. So I zoomed in with my camera at these points of light, and took some pictures. once i took the picture, i loaded it on my computer and zoomed in some more, and the shapes of the object were obviously not natural. they were lit, jointed and obviously manufactured. I compared them with “known items that are in orbit of the earth, ie satilites etc, and there was nothing like it listed. I have a total of 8 different objects, and I have gone out on several nights, with different friends, and Im able to take the same pics every night with so other ships as well.

A different point of view

Star UFO

Star UFO

The witness reports that this wasn’t a on time occurence, he could reproduce this outcome several times which makes this report interesting. Most UFO reportings are sightings that took place when a moving object crossed a witness. But this sighting is different, the photographer took shots of still “stars” with his new camera and zoomed in to full capacity. The stars turned out to be strange craft like structures . If this information is correct, the UFO community should focus its attention on the stars.

Call to action!

We would like to invite our readers to look at the star maps of their hometown and check if there are any stars that are out of the ordinary. If so, we would like you to take pictures of it with a HD camera if possible. If anything out of the ordinary appears we hope you can send them to us at