Artist impression of the honeycomb structure.

On the 6th of November, 2012 at 8:35 PMA, a honeycomb shaped structure, containing artificial like intelligence, was observed in Evansdale, Iowa, US . his report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The witness describes the time of the sighting and the weather conditions while he sighted the unusual phenomenon in the sky, while driving.

 “Around 8:35pm I was traveling south on the interstate a few miles north of Evansdale Iowa. The sky was 100% cloudy, with rain from time to time. Stars and the moon were not visible due to the storm clouds covering the area. “

He further described how the UFO appeared to him and his initial reaction after he saw it.

 “As I traveled south a bright colorful light (blue, green mostly) began to flash within the clouds making the surrounding clouds light up with different colors. I thought this very strange and kept watching as suddenly I could clearly make out several round lights begin to take form from within the clouds.”

Furthermore the witness tells us a little bit about the size and behaviour of the object as well.

“Like the sun shining through thick clouds during the day, theses lights seemed to be the same size, giving the illusion that it was no higher up than a water tower, but I knew from the foggy mist overlapping the lights that the object was higher up.”

He also tells us how he came to know that it was a single object, and tells us why he was unable to make out its size.

“The lights were now solid and the pulsing flash had stopped. Theses lights were perfectly spaced from one another giving me the idea that it was one solid object. I could not make out the shape due to the object clearly being deep within the clouds above but the lights were so bright that they shined through with no problem.”

After that, he his report talks about its speed and the fact that he tried o videotape the object.

 “The object was moving incredible slow about the same speed as you would see a flock of geese travel. I quickly decided to pull over and try to video tape it with my phone.”

The witness then describes changes in the movement and behaviour of the object or entity. He also tells us that he was unable to film it with his cell phone.

 “As I got out the object was moving slowly over me heading west, for as low as it seemed to be the object put off no sound. The lights were now brightly white and were round in shape. As I watched the object travel above it presented itself to me with a natural flow, like it belonged in the sky. I began to try and film the object but my phone could not focus on the lights or anything else in the dark. “

Finally he tells us how the object disappeared and appeared again at a distance.

 “The object then began to disappear in some thicker clouds and the lights began to fade away until I could not see them anymore. I stood on the side of the road for 30 more seconds and the pulses began to appear again but further in the distance. “

The above quotes were edited for clarity.