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On our Meetup page you will find an overview of events organized during World UFO day. If there isn't an event near you, find out here how to organize your own event. We are using the World UFO Group Meetup to organize these events! And the best thing is, you can become a member and add your event too simple and for free!


Also check out our Facebook page and become a member for information and updates.




What is World UFO Group?


World UFO Group is the one of the biggest online UFO communities. Our goal and purpose is to be the most informed UFO group online. Why? Because we want to make a change and there is power in numbers! We celebrate World UFO Day and support Disclosure Project, CSETI, The Orion Project and ISCOS It is time for the UFO community to unite! We are gathering all nationalities. Please help us bring our vision to fruition and become a member today!



World UFO Festivities


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Roswell 2012 Conference

June 28 - July 1


Basset Auditorium

Roswell Museum & Art Center

100 W. 11th St., Roswell, NM, USA


Free admission!


For more information:






World UFO Day has grown in the last year, and we want to spread our message worldwide. But we can not do this without your help. Our team puts a lot of their spare time into making this day as complete as we can. You can help us in this by making a small donation. We will be putting this money directly into:


- Creating bigger and better promotional campaigns.

- Organizing get-togethers and events throughout the world.

- Advertise on social media and other big websites.


Even one dollar can make a difference. Thank you for your time.


~ World UFO Team



All information can be used or copied for blogs or other websites, as long as our banner or website adress is linked. World UFO Day.



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