Mission and vision

Our vision and mission


At World UFO Day, our mission is to spread awareness about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and provide factual and helpful information to a global audience. We are committed to presenting verified data and credible research while steering clear of baseless speculation. On July 2nd each year, we strive to educate people about the available knowledge surrounding UFOs, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the truth.


Our vision is to transform World UFO Day into a globally celebrated holiday that serves as a platform for raising consciousness about the UFO phenomenon. We envision a future where UFOs are no longer seen as mere speculation but are recognized as an integral part of our daily lives. By promoting the exchange of information, encouraging open-mindedness, and facilitating dialogue, we aim to contribute to a world where the existence and significance of UFOs are acknowledged, understood, and embraced.

Disclaimer: All the information provided on our website is freely available and can be utilized or shared on blogs or other websites. We kindly request that appropriate credit be given by linking back to our website or displaying our banner. Together, let us celebrate World UFO Day and explore the fascinating realm of UFOs.

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