World UFO Day Events


On World UFO Day individuals and organisations are encouraged to organise your own event. This way the awareness of the phenomenon is raised and people can have open discussions plus a fun way to meet. Do you want to be even more involved with World UFO Day? We have an Ambassadors program that will make you an honorary member of the UFO society.

We’ve made a map in which you can add you own event for the world to see. Click on the link beneath the picture to add your own event.

Note that many World UFO Day events are not put on this map.

World UFO Day Events shown on a bigger map. Also click here to add your World UFO Day event for free.

If you want to check in with a group in your country, be sure to check out this list:

Organisation Name,Members,Nationality
Roswell Festival Visitors, 125000, USA
Indonesian UFO Hunters,39.105,Indonesia
UFO Matrix Magazine,100+,International
Roswell UFO Festival,3247,USA
Hong Kong UFO Club,2990,China / Hong Kong
Dubai Research Congregation,2500,Dubai / U.A.E.
UFO Connection 2012,4049,International
UFO Disclosure Group,1849,International
ASC – Alien Society Corporation,2004,Italy
World UFO Group,10.987,International
The White Ibis,816,Germany
The CE-5 Initiative,514,International
Astro Watch,691,Poland
Phoenix ET al Group,252,USA
South African UFO Resource,299,South Africa
Russian UFO Research Station,100,Russia
Les Repas Ufologiques,591,France
ECO – ET Contact Organisation,198,International
Alternative Realities,82,International
CNURC ,45,Canada
# Total Members,158.711,

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