What is World UFO Day?

Welcome to World UFO Day

Each year the UFO Community unites to celebrate their beliefs. World UFO Day found its way on the calendars and into peoples hearts.

How to celebrate World UFO Day

There are many ways to be aware of this day like watching ufo movies, talking with your friends about the possibility of UFOs or alien life. We’ve made a page with some inspirational pictures and ideas for you to check out.

UFO information

We have dedicated our website to providing the best UFO information for you. We try to keep our sources as factual as possible to give you the purest evidence there is. Open your mind and see things through a different perspective.

Start your journey here

Each year World UFO Day helps us spread our message and open the eyes of people. The mainstream media helps us each year to reach open hearts and minds.
In 2021 we will spread the word even further! Reaching thousands, maybe millions. And you can help! Invite your friends to our social pages, the FB event and our website.

Join us, support the movement!

UFO Products

Support the World UFO Day movement and buy these awesome prints!