From the MUFON database

Casenumber: # 44776
Reported: 2012-12-25 | Date of event: 2012-12-24
Location: Florida, Clermont
Type:Orange-red lights

It was Christmas Eve around 7 pm. Our daughter went out to get Vanilla ice cream to go with the apple pie. She took her grandmother with her. When she arrived back home, she came running in screaming for us to come outside. When I got outside, I saw five orange-red lights in the sky kind of pulsating and moving in different directions. At first they were pretty close together. We live in a very rural area with almost no noise. Very country. The objects made absolutely no noise whatsoever. They gradually faded out with the exception of one. It went from brightly lit and just disappeared like someone flipped a switch. I immediatley posted on Facebook and checked the various local news stations. Nothing. I checked the local news again the following morning, Christmas morning. Nothing again. I Googled and found a site that had reported sightings all around the country. Very weird. Weve never experienced anything like this before. I was not so much scared but more fascinated.