World UFO Day is a non-profit event that has worldwide attention every year during the week of July 2nd. Millions of people are getting reach through social media but also mainstream media. We do this to get the truth out there and get as many people as possible thinking about UFOs and aliens, but also inspiring them to celebrate with us. As you can imagine this takes a big campaign and a lot of people involved to get this event to such a high level. Some of the activities that are necessary:

  • Maintaining our website, keeping it up to date and pay hosting.
  • Creating professional poster designs and prints.
  • Creating an online presence through social media and online campaigns.
  • Getting in contact with mainstream media.
  • Creating media files to inform and inspire the public in an attractive manner.
  • Optimizing our content with articles.
  • Networking with people to make sure the future of World UFO Day is safe.

This is only a short list of the things we do to preserve World UFO Day and we put in a lot of time to do this. You understand our team consists of working people that have a passion for World UFO Day but we can’t afford to fund it on this global scale. (Although we sure try to!) That is why we depend on donations to keep World UFO Day up there and we hope you feel as passionate as we do. Feel free to donate to our PayPal account.

If you don’t have money to donate, donate your awareness. Link our website to your website and write an article about us. Share us on Facebook or make your friends like us on other social media. We can use all the help we can get.