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UFO Witness Report Florida, South Pasadena

From the MUFON database Reported: 2012-12-24 | Date of event: 2012-12-24 Location: Florida, South Pasadena Type: Bright colored orange lights I was enjoying the evening with my family when I looked out my window that faces East, I looked up and saw a very brightly colored orange glowing object about 500 ft above the ground. [...]

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UFO spotted in Michigan, Allen Park

From the MUFON database Reported: 2012-12-24 | Date of event: 2012-12-22 My friend was driving and noticed colors in the sky. He pointed them out to me bc they seemed to rest on the edge of only one big cloud, even though there were numerous clouds forming a ring around the sun. I initially thought [...]

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UFO spotted looking into the sun I heard if you filmed the sun you could/would film a UFO. So I did, and got a fast moving object that I only saw it when reviewing my video recording. When I first reviewed the footage I saw a quick black blip on the screen and knew it was something that I could [...]

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UFO Sighting in Florida, Sarasota

My daughter and I were leaving Bingo hall, she went one way and I the other. I Entered Bee Ridge Road from the direction of the Shopping Center and right in front of me was this triangle of what reminded me of rows and rows of bulb lights in a triangle form. The first thought [...]

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Stars turn out to be UFOs, call to action to the UFO community!

The star UFO Photographs By our reporter, December 12, 2012 In the evening of December 12 around 20, blue star UFOs were observed in Phoenix, Arizona. USA. This testimony has been obtained from the MUFON database. I was comparing the sky with what was on the computer as to what i was looking [...]

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British UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon released

The British hacker Gary McKinnon is not prosecuted in Britain. The Prosecution has came to that decision Gary McKinnon because the chances of a conviction are "not big". The United States tried to get a extradition for McKinnon, who had broken into U.S. government computers, but these turned out unsuccessfully. McKinnon's mother, Janis [...]

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ABC News reports three glowing UFOs over Brooklyn

By our World UFO Day reporter On the december 13 ABC News reports three glowing UFOs over Brooklyn hoovering in the night sky. UFO skeptics have a tough time debunking this video. This was shot last week in Brooklyn New York. Three objects. that appear removing information all the same speed.  Multiple shots have been [...]

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UFO Reported to crash on Japanese Coast a Cover Up?

Over the last couple of days, more and more internet sites have reported that Japan's Nippon television was The UFO as presented by the media and found on Google. covering a story of how a unidentified flying object crashed off the coast of Okinawa and that officials had showed a photograph of the [...]

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Mysterious UFO startles girl soccer team in the Netherlands

By our reporter, December 12, 2012 In the evening of November 12 around 20.00, an oval UFO was observed in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This testimony has been sent in to the World UFO Day website. The Netherlands is a small country in Europe with a dense population of 16 million people. The young [...]

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UFO Video Compilation November

This is a UFO video compilation of the sightings in November 2012. Please be aware that these cases are still under investigation and may contain identifiable material. Credits to our favorite UFO video reporter AnonymousFO for this great compilation of the month of November.

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