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UFO Amazes Brazilian Protesters and Leaves Them In Shock

[framed_video column="full-width"][/framed_video] UFO Joins Protesters in Brazil In 2013 several Brazilian cities were the stage of protesters. This video was taken by one of the protesters in Brazil present. The people are taking a stand against the increase of the public transportation fees. Thousands of people went to the streets to show protest in a [...]

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List of UFOs spotted on World UFO Day

July 2nd is known to bring a lot of attention to the UFO phenomenon. It isn't strange that the UFO sightings jump up on that day! Here are a collection of reports, about UFOs spotted on World UFO Day, made on July 2nd 2013. Taking the trash to the street when I noticed [...]

The Sirius Documentary – Watch It Online Now!

We are proud to present the Sirius Documentary released on March 22 2013 by Dr. Steven Greer and Neverending Light Productions. Be sure to share this with the entire community! In this movie Dr. Greer and his team set sail to expose a truth that has been covered up for all kinds of reasons. Keep an [...]

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Huge Football shaped glowing UFO spotted in Michigan, Garden City

Reported on: 2013-03-27| Date of event: 1966-07-30 UFO representation from our UFO database Location: Michigan, Garden City, US Type: Football shaped UFO I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a warm summernight in the year 1966. I was just ten years old and my parents were in the kitchen playing poker with some of [...]

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