5 Reasons Why Aliens Don’t Want To Meet Us

/5 Reasons Why Aliens Don’t Want To Meet Us
5 Reasons Why Aliens Don’t Want To Meet Us2016-12-27T09:36:46+00:00

Imagine being a space traveller roaming the galaxy. You have found a perfect planet full of life. And the prior inhabitants are intelligent beings that build complex structure and share a rich culture. You are hoovering over this planet with your intergalactic space ship, but you see some unresolved issues amongst these rich cultures. You are ready to go in and enlighten them with your knowledge as equals. But are they ready?

5. Racism

These beings, they are all the same race in your eyes, but in their own eyes it’s different. They haven’t overcome their past yet. They haven’t been able to see that they are truly brothers and sisters yet. They might be different shapes or colors. But compared to you they are much more alike then anything else. If they are not even open to each other, chances are high an alien like you will be locked up or blamed for anything going wrong with their world.

4. Emotional instability

These beings you see, they have too little knowledge of what they feel and are therefor too driven by these energetic outbursts called emotions. That makes them unpredictable, not only for a space traveller but also for themselves. You want to be in contact with the wise sentient beings they will become.

3. War

They have weapons and are not afraid to use them. But they are used to being afraid. A combination that is toxic for outsiders. So no way you as an alien are willing to even step foot on their soil. You’ll get blown off within minutes, especially if you do not know their customs.

2. Fear

Too many of them jump into survival mode when they are scared. Fight or flight is their nature and they are not developed enough to surpass the emotional judgement that comes with those responses.

1. Parasites

They are not aware of the bigger picture yet. They are in the phase of using their own planet as a resource without giving back to it. Lurking it dry and destroying their own home in the process. You are confident that they are wise enough to see that they should search for a more durable way. But first, they’ll probably bring themselves to the edge of oblivion. If they can’t take care of their own planet, they sure will not be respectfull for you planet.